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We're finally so close... 
Finally Master's Plan is all coming together...
Just *one last tiny thing* before we- Oops... 

Oh no *not again*!!!

Minions Having A Bad Time

"We Failed You For The Last Time, Again" is a Bad Time Game designed based off of the Bad Time Game SRD by Kyle Tam (This game is a submission to the Bad Time Game Jam)

In Bad Time Games the fun is all in giving your characters the worst time possible. In this game getting foiled by brave and cunning Heroes is inevitable. You may wreck, sneak, scheme, and boast your way to get ahead at the start, but one little oopsie will see your Master's evil plan spiraling into chaos and eventual collapse. And what makes it all funny as hell is that it will all be YOUR doing.

You may always lose in the end, but there will be fun times and huge spectacles every step of the way. We hope you have a good time giving these wacky minions a catastrophically bad time.

Materials To Play

Things you get for your purchase:

  • an Ashcan version of the PDF rulebook
  • an Ashcan version of the ePub rulebook
  • an online character sheet with rules references
  • All of my love and gratitude

Other stuff you need to play:

  • a group of 2-4 friends
  • around 1.5-2 hours of free time
  • some d4s or a dice roller
  • fond memories of cartoons you've watched in your youth

Ashcans and Sales

Taking inspiration from Armanda I decided to be more transparent in what it costs to make games like this.

The writing comes up at just above 1.5k words (around 150 USD) taking 9 hours to draft and edit. I did 4 hours of layout already and might take a few more once art comes in.

I'll be commissioning art for the cover and some smaller pieces between sections, costing me another 80 USD. This ashcan has come out for sale now in order to get some early funding to help out with art commission costs.

Community copies are also available for folks who aren't able to purchase this game. You may leave a rating or review or help share this game if you do get a copy this way. Do know that I still appreciate the support and will love you all the same.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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We_Failed_You_For_The_Last_Time_Again.epub 11 kB
Online Character Sheet

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